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FDA-cleared, dermatologist-recommended blue and red light therapy mask with clinically-proven results for acne.


Omnilux Clear is the most powerful medical-grade, home LED treatment available for acne-prone skin. It's been tested, proven, and backed by peer-reviewed science, all to ensure the best possible outcomes and performance. The most clinically effective LEDs available are used, optimized for superior results. Our blue light (415nm) targets and kills P. acnes bacteria living on the skin’s surface. Red light (633nm) penetrates the dermis, triggering the body's own natural healing response, including the production of new collagen, the downregulation of excess oils, and the reduction of inflammation and redness.

  • Reduces active acne and blemishes, redness & inflammation.
  • Helps clear breakouts faster.
  • Reduces and helps soften the appearance of acne scarring.
  • All natural, no pain, side effects or downtime.

Omnilux Clear LED Mask

Expected to arrive by end of June!
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